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Birthdate:Mar 12
Location:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
i'm just a girl, living in captivity

Bengali-American | 20-something | night owl | Pisces | city girl | hopeless romantic | renaissance soul | (wannabe) artist | INFP | enneagram type 4 | agnostic but spiritual | big kid at heart | ♥ spicy food | overanalyzer | Batman nut | massive Michael Jackson fan | low-maintenance fashionista | (slightly-more-than) casual sports fan (i.e. NE Patriots, Celtics) | cyclical with fandoms (i.e. anime/manga, Buffy, Harry Potter, comic books, superheroes, MJ, tv shows, Merlin, etc) | quotes The Simpsons/Futurama/Family Guy often | (wannabe) gamer | memorabilia collector | procrastinator | notorious for TL;DR posts

Interests (141):

a good beat, acting, alanna, amusement parks, animation, anime, arrested development, arrow, arthur/gwen, astronomy, avatar the last airbender, baking, batman, battlestar galactica, bollywood, boston celtics, boys over flowers, bryan fuller, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/angel, buffy/spike, captain swan, cartoons, cinderella, cinema, cinematography, comics, community, cooking, cosplay, costumes, dancehall, dancing, dc comics, dc's legends of tomorrow, dead like me, decorating, desperate housewives, devdas, directing, disco, disney, downtempo, downton abbey, drawing, educational documentaries, electronic, empire, fables, fairy tales, fandoms, fantasy, fashion, film, funk, futurama, goong, graffiti, graphic novels, hana yori dango, harry potter, haute couture, his dark materials, interior design, jan di/ji hoo, jan di/jyun pyo, jane the virgin, jdrama, justice league, kdrama, king arthur, knights, kpop, lancelot/gwen, lie to me, manga, martha stewart, marvel, medieval, menswear, merlin, michael jackson, movies, mulan, music, neon genesis evangelion, neosoul, new england patriots, nintendo, nova, old school hip hop, old school nickelodean, once upon a time, pan's labyrinth, parvati patil, penny dreadful, pirates of the carribean, pixar, project runway, reading, reflection, renaissance, rogue/gambit, rose of versailles, sailormoon, sci fi, self-help, shin/chaegyeung, soul, spicy food, star trek, star wars, stranger things, suits, superheroes, swing, the americans, the count of monte cristo, the dark knight, the flash, the hunger games, the lion king, the lord of the rings, the princess and the frog, the simpsons, the twilight zone, theatre, theme parks, toy story 3, travel, trip hop, tv, ugly betty, usagi/seiya, utena, video games, watching sports, whimsy, writing, xena, xmen
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